Oregon Ski Area Installs Solar Array

Oregon Ski Area Installs Solar Array

Mt Ashland in Oregon, USA has installed a new solar array that it is hoped will supply 12 percent of the ski area’s annual electrical usage.

“We are trying to take a much longer view, providing those electrons for many years to come. That helps us to be more financially sustainable,” General Manager Hiram Towle told ocal media.

The project cost around $115,000 with much of the cost covered by grants, the ski area itself investing $25,000, which it hopes to recover from savings and electricity sales within five years.

Along with powering resort facilities, any excess at peak generation times will be fed back in to the grid. There are 85 panels in the solar farm which will be visible from some of the area’s ski runs.

Mt. Ashland’s solar energy production will be displayed on the area’s webpage: mtashland.com.

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