New Passive Energy Hotel Opens in St Johann

The new Explorer Hotel in St Johann in Tirol is the fifth ski hotel for a German company that is both climate neutral and a zero energy operation.

Explorer Hotels are a budget brand with nightly room rates from 39.80 Euro, but also put a high emphasis on customer service and convenience leading to very high ratings on consumer feedback sites.

A passive hotel building requires extremely little heating energy due to its good insulation and good thermal insulation. Explorer Hotels are the first certified Passive House hotels in Europe with heating requirements covered by “passive” sources, such as, for example, solar energy and recycled waste heat whilst the buildings are well insulated with no places where air flow is trapped and has triple glazed windows.

“The result is a comfortable temperature in winter as well as in summer without a separate heating or air conditioning system. This reduces energy consumption and creates a high level of comfort,” a company spokesperson said, continuing,

“We are not only the first certified passive (zero-energy) hotel in Europe, but we are also climate neutral. That is truly unique in the hotel industry. However, for us, it’s simply a matter of course!  We save up to 70% in total energy in comparison to other hotels of the same size and up to 85% heating energy and up to 60% current through the photovoltaic system. An ingenious ventilation system also reduces heat loss and regulates the fresh air supply for guests and employees. The air quality is better both day and night than via window ventilation. You have to experience it yourself!”

Explorer hotels are located in the German ski resorts of Oberstdorf, Neuschwanstein and Berchtesgaden as well as in the Montafon ski area of Austria and a few metres from the slopes at St. Johann.  A sixth hotel is due to open at Kaltenbach in Austria’s Zillertal this summer.


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