Work Begins on 10,000 Solar Panel Installation on Indoor Snow Centre Roof

Work has begun on the installation of 10,000 solar panels on the roof of the two SnowWorld  indoor snow centres in the Netherlands.

The first panels are being installed on SnowWorld Zoetermeer’s roof, and the rest will be placed on the roof of SnowWorld Landgraaf, one of the world’s four biggest indoor snow centres.

Zoetermeer’s mayor and SnowWorld boss Koos Hendriks symbolically put the first solar panel in place.

The project, the largest of its kind in the Dutch leisure industry, will allow the two centres to be elf-sufficient in their energy usage on sunny days, a SnowWorld spokesperson said.

It’s the latest of several projects on indoor snow centre roofs in The Netherlands and Germany to make the facilities fully or largely self-sufficient in their energy requirements .

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