Colorado ski resort  Arapahoe Basin, which is one of the world’s highest ski areas and often has a ski season lasting from October to June, will host a panel discussion on the ‘nuts and bolts’ of global warming impacts on Saturday, 8th April, at the end of the ski day.

“In an era marked by political attacks on science and deliberate lies about climate change from the highest levels of the U.S. government, including the president and the head of the EPA, it’s more important than ever for Americans to inform themselves with the best possible information about the impacts of global warming,” said one local commentator reporting on the upcoming event, adding,

“Skiers have as much to lose as anyone. Glaciers are shrinking everywhere, overall there is less  snow and winters are getting shorter at both ends, but especially in the spring. In a groundbreaking 2013 study, the U.S. Geological study found a 20 percent decline in Rocky Mountain snow cover since 1980.”

The panel will be moderated by ski area chief Alan Henceroth and Lindsay Bourgoine from Protect Our Winters.  Panelists include Dr. Jim White, who has been studying the alpine environment for decades as head of the Institute for Arctic and Alpine Resaarch at the University of Colorado, Boulder; Keith Musselman, who studies the water cycle with the National Center for Atmospheric Research, and with the Global Institute for Water Security; as well as Katja Friedrich, a climate researcher with the Cloud and Precipitation Research Group at CU Boulder.