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In July 2007 Megève Tourism was the first tourist office in France to be certified ISO 14001 (an environmental management standard).

Renewable Energy Powered For 40 Years:

A pioneer in the use of renewable energy, Megeve’s Sports Centre has been using solar panels and a hydroelectric turbine for 40 years! Could it have unknowingly been one of the first HQE (High quality environmental) buildings in France? Since the most recent renovations, the swimming pool has been heated by heat that is produced when making ice for the skating rink. The Sports Centre is planning to cover its entire roof with solar panels.

Promoting the awareness of climate change, Megeve has organised several presentations:

“Climatic changes and their impact on nature” presented by Bernard Seguin.

“Climatic changes in the upper Arve Valley”, presented by Franck Giazzi.

Eco Driving, Car Sharing and Electric Bicyles

The shuttle bus vehicles run by Megeve conform to the Euro 5 standards. Polluting discharges are thus limited with a reduction of emissions of nitrogen oxides and particles in the air. The drivers are trained to eco-driving. To encourage its use the service is free in the winter and €1 in the summer (or free with a Megève Pass).

In addition the Megève ”Ecolibriste” association provides an interactive notebook to put you into contact with car sharing drivers. This notebook is available at the town hall.

You can also find car-sharing possibilities on the regional council website:

An electric bicycle is available at the tourist office reception, for visitors wishing to try out this form of ecologic transport.

Lift Company

The lift company that operates the Rochebrune-Mont d’Arbois and Jaillet lifts is aiming to achieve ISO 14001 environmental management international standard and has been reducing its energy consumption by installing low energy snowmaking equipment and using trail groomers fitted with sonar.

Obtained ISO 14001Yes
100% Renewable EnergyYes
Renewable Energy ProducerYes
Rail AccessedYes
Rail Station Distance1 km