SnowWorld Latest Indoor Snow Centre to Cover Roof in Solar Panels

SnowWorld’s two indoor snow centres in the Netherlands are the latest snowdomes to announce they’ll be covering their vast roof spaces with solar panels.

SnowWorld signed contracts to buy and install a total of 8,000 panels which will be installed first on their Zoetermeer slope before the end of the year, then continuing on to their Landgraaf slope, one of the world’s three largest with a main slope more than 500 metres long, early in 2017.

The electricity generating capacity of the 8,000 panels will be around 2.1 Mwp (Mega Watt peak), enough for the energy needs of approximately 600 households and meaning that on sunny days, the slopes at SnowWorld will be self-sufficient in its energy needs.

SnowWorld is the latest in a succession of German and Dutch indoor snow centre operators to install solar panels on their roof. Earlier this year another Dutch indoor snow centre, Montana indoor snow centre, did the same, installing 3,000 panels and previously another of the largest centres in the world, Alpincenter Bottrop in Germany, covered its vast 13,400 m² roof with 18,600 solar panels.