The Save Our Snow Database has been compiled by independent experts in ski resort operations and travel. These experts have followed industry developments around the world since the 1980s, collecting facts and figures and analysing trends over time. Since the dawn of the new millennium, ski resorts have focused much more on the environment, and we’ve been keeping track of it all!

The Save Our Snow team wants to continue growing and updating the information we hold, helping skiers, boarders, students and journalists who are looking for help themselves make use of our expertise. With their support and that of yourself, we can spread the word to a wider audience and future generations.

We want to keep encouraging ski resorts and the ski industry to do ever more to combat climate change by shining a light on what they are doing – because those efforts are largely ignored by mainstream media.

Being an independent organisation, we don’t want to carry advertisements and logos from companies wishing to be associated with our research and publications (although we’re more than happy to receive donations from them, so long as there are no strings attached).

However, being independent also means being self-funded.

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