Green Hotels

Energy efficiency has always been the norm in the mountains or people couldn’t stay warm and businesses efficient. In fact studies have shown mountain buildings typically use much less energy than buildings using air conditioning in warm climates. But standards continue to improve dramtically and here’s a list of properties that go the extra mile in the fight against climate change in ski resorts.


Chamonix, Chalet Dalmore & Chalet Cragganmore

Chalet Dalmore and Chalet Cragganmore are both powered by turbines from the neighbouring river L’Arve making them totally self sufficient when it comes to electricity and energy supplies. Other features include geothermal underfloor heating and even the floor to ceiling glass is self-cleaning.

St Martin de Belleville, Chamois Lodge

Fitted with a geothermal heating system which uses a series of pipes in vertical bore holes containing a refrigerant which absorbs the heat from the ground. The system then connects to a heat pump, which extracts the heat and pumps it around the chalet providing underfloor heating and hot water.


St Moritz, Hotel Europa

A solar power plant has been supplying energy for the Hotel Europa since 2008, recovering the energy used for their production in the first six months. The high altitude of the Engadin makes the facility particularly efficient: performance is superior to that which could be achieved in, say, Rome or Athens. The hotel has many other environmental initiatives.