Les Carroz Goes 100% Renewable

Les Carroz, one of the five resorts making up the Grand Massif ski area in France (alongside Flaine, Samoens, Morillon and Sixt) has announced it will be 100% powered by green energy in 2016.

In 2012, all five of the resorts within Le Grand Massif earned an AlpEnergies100 certification for their long-term commitment to reducing CO² emissions, and for their commitments to exclusively use renewable energy sources (in this case hydro, wind, and solar power).

Les Carroz already has a wide range of ‘eco-measures’ in place to combat climate change: photo-voltaic panels provide some power to signage on the slopes, and there’s a solar water-heating system at the resort’s nursery. The resort has also acted to reduce energy consumption by lowering the voltage of public lighting, and introducing cells detecting the luminosity.

As well as this, the resort encourages carpooling via the http://www.envoituresimone.com website and runs a free shuttle bus service around the resort and base-lift station. Even the resort’s sewage treatment system has a device to generate power from methane gas to heat its buildings.

Les Carrozpictured below:

Green News Story 2 Image.jpg

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