The Green Swiss Tunnel

A new lift through a tunnel in northern Switzerland is 100% solar powered

A new conveyor lift that has been built through a tunnel at the Swiss ski area of Sattel-Hochstuckli is 100% energy self-sufficient.

This new conveyor lift goes to a previously hard-to-access area – moving through a 120m long tunnel to get there. In a separate location to the main slopes, the ‘kids’ winter skiing and summer fun area’ (that cannot be reached by drag or chair lifts) will now feature year-round access. The tunnel links the area to the gondola top station at the resort.

The Sunkid Moving Carpet lift is completely embedded in asphalt, and receives its power from an ECO photovoltaic installation, with an output of 8.5 kWp – allowing for self-sufficient operation of the conveyor. The solar panels themselves are installed in the shape of a balcony railing.

The new, green energy Sunkid Moving carpet lift, pictured below:

New Lift Through Swiss Tunnel is 100

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