Whistler’s mayor has asked major oil companies to pay for environmental damages

In the latest stage in a series of communiques and legal action by ski towns and resorts across North America, Jack Crompton has entered the ring. Mayor of Whistler Blackcomb – the continent’s largest ski area and one that generates more green energy than it needs to consume – Crompton has written to oil companies asking them to pay for the damage caused by fossil fuels to our climate, and the impact that it’s having on his community.

The letter begins:

“We are writing to ask your company to commit to pay a fair share of the costs of climate change being experienced by Whistler. Communities around the world are increasingly expecting you to take responsibility for your products. We look forward to discussing how you will do so.”

So far, this message has been sent to 20 big oil companies based in Canada, the US, Russia, Italy, Brazil and France, asking for financial compensation. So far,  Mayor Crompton has had no replies.

The mayor says Whistler has had to spend $1.4mn on “wildfire protection” and says that climate modelling means less snow will fall on the ski area in the future, harming their ski business.

Whistler Blackcomb (pictured below) is feeling the heat of climate change – and fighting back accordingly


Local media reports have questioned the viability of Crompton’s position, given that Whistler Blackcomb draws in 3 million visitors each year, flying in from all over the world. By Crompton’s logic, this also causes major environmental damage, particularly to our atmosphere.

But in a statement to the media, Crompton said:

“Our goal was not to ignore our own role in climate change but to encourage change and action on climate change.”

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