Get your Skiwear Fixed for Free in Resort

Skiwear company Patagonia are taking an unusual approach to selling gear – by offering skiers and boarders the chance to get their damaged skiwear repaired for free, regardless of the brand.

The company’s ‘Worn Wear Repair Tour’ has just launched in Innsbruck, Austria and will make its way to snow destinations across Europe over the next few months, repairing zips, buttons, rips and tears, including Gore-Tex apparel.


Patagonia has a strong environmental focus, and encouraging people to take good care of their gear – repairing it as necessary, to ensure it lasts as long as it can rather than buying new, is part of that focus.patagonia_wornwear_hero image_schwartz_a_0003_cc_hero

“Fixing your gear and using it for many seasons reduces overall consumption, which is good for your wallet (more pre-powder snacks) and even better for the planet. Bring your most loved (and abused) piece of clothing and Patagonia will repair it for free, whatever the brand,” a company spokesperson said, continuing,

“Worn Wear aims to educate people on how best to protect and repair garments, to ensure snow gear can last for as long as possible. Repairing gear, instead of buying new snow kit every season, is one of the most important things we can do to protect and conserve our planet; reducing CO2 emissions, the waste and water required to make a piece of clothing.  By keeping a piece of clothing for nine extra months, we can reduce carbon, waste and water usage by 20-30%. Repair is a radical act!”

The tour is also being used for Patagonia’s Snowboard Ambassador, Nicholas Wolken, to present his new short film “Close to Home”


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