Val d’Isère Trial Horse Powered Gritter

Val d’Isère have tested out what they believe is the first horse-powered gritter used to spread salt on pavements to break up the ice.

Radio Val d’Isère report that a team from l’Adroit Farm led by Xavier Mattis have developed the machine which rotates automatically to spread salt on pavements around the resort with the speed of spin determined by the pace of Odyssée, the 13-year-old Comtois mare pulling it.

The gravel distribution method is commercially available but the all stainless-steel hitch to carry it behind the horse was entirely made on the farm.

The result of initial testing is reported to be extremely effective. Pony and salt distributor can go everywhere on the pavements as the width of the machine does not exceed 150cm (five feet).

In addition to reducing environmental impact, the unit is reported to be much more manoeuvrable than a tractor.

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