Major Electric Car Station open at Norwegian Ski Area

An electric car charging station at the southern Norwegian ski centre of Hovden has one of the most extensive quantity and variety of charging points of any ski area in the world.

The centre has no less than 12 Tesla charging points (Superchargers) in addition to six rapid charging points and six type-2 points from the green energy supplier Fortum.

Hovden is located in Norway’s Setesdal region, the largest ski destination in the southern part of Norway and one that has completely committed to green electric power, including for transportation.

There has been hydro power here since 1900 with the latest plant completed as recently as 2014. The Skarg Power Station uses the water from the Sarvsfossen waterfall which in an average year produces 2710 million kWh of green energy; representing two percent of the total hydropower production in Norway.  However Fortun energy have a particular focus on wind power.

The charging stations are part of a Norwegian network with ‘corridors’ with regular charging points now existing from the country’s major cities including Oslo to centres like Hovden.

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