Ski Flight Free Campaign Launched

A new not-for-profit independent campaign called Ski Flight Free has been launched by ski-industry digital marketing consultant Iain Martin, with the goal of encouraging skiers to reduce their CO2 emissions when travelling to ski resorts.

“Independent research has shown that travelling to a ski resort by train generates less than one fifth of the emissions of flying. Even four people travelling by car can cut emissions by a third compared to flying,” says Martin, who adds, “Time is running out to prevent irreversible damage to the planet but skiers can make a difference by choosing to travel by train or car instead of flying. Even if it’s only once, they will still be reducing CO2 emissions and making a difference.”

The website includes advice on how to book train travel, as well as information about sustainability projects by tour operators and resorts.

“We need governments to make systemic change, but as the inspirational Greta Thunberg points out: “No one is too small to make a difference”. adds Iain.

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