Ski Holiday Company Focuses on Reducing Environmental Impact

The travel company which runs tour operators Erna Low and Nuco have stepped up their efforts in the fight to stop the climate emergency.

They are both taking steps to cut their own CO2 emissions and minimise waste and offering guidance to skiers and boarders heading to the slopes with them this winter on how they can do the same if they wish.

Earlier this year, Rebecca and Maddy from Erna Low, together with 12 team members from Nuco completed the 3 Peaks Challenge in aid of Protect Our Winters UK, which is also the company’s new charity partner for 2019/20 raising just short of £3000.

Back in the office the company are taking ever more steps to help the environment, even the smaller things like switching recycled loo roll and changing the milk delivery from plastic to recyclable glass bottles are being taken care of.

In terms of advice for skiers, Erna Low/Nuco say first get organised and plan ahead for your trip, decanting a bottle of Ecover washing up liquid into one of those little travel bottles and doing the same with some Method cleaning fluid to take with you.

Ditch single use plastics and say no to plastic bags and other single use plastics, instead making sure you pack a reusable shopping bag, and your Chilly’s water bottle.

In resort try to plan you meals to avoid wasting food. Add some cupboard staples like olive oil, salt and pepper to your packing list to avoid binning things unnecessarily at the end of the week.

When tidying up sort your rubbish rather than chucking it all in the bin.  Resorts are now so well equipped with recycling points that there really is no excuse for you to not recycle properly.

Finally, remember to turn off the lights when you head out as you would at home. If it’s too hot in your apartment, turn down the heating, don’t just fling open a window!

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