Big Sky Buys Green Power For All of its Ski Lifts

Big Sky Resort in Montana has announced that they are now buying ‘Renewable Energy Credits’  equivalent to the annual electrical consumption of their 38 lifts.

That means that an equivalent amount of green energy is produced to the power needed to run the lifts.

“Lifts are obviously essential to our business – and they are responsible for nearly a third of our total electrical consumption,” explained Kryn Dykema, the resort’s sustainability specialist.

“Our 2025 Vision has us replacing more consumptive lifts with the most efficient available-like Ramcharger 8-but that takes time. As we navigate both on-site reductions in energy use and cleaner sources, buying RECs is the best practice strategy in the near term.”

Buying RECs also has a broad impact, says Dykema, by creating a market demand for clean energy. “The money used to purchase these RECs is used to support renewable energy creation.”

The resort has also announced that is has completed a carbon audit and is coming close to publishing a roadmap to carbon neutrality in 2030.

“Our priority is to work quickly to meet our sustainability goals,” said Dykema.

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