Les Arcs Studies Solar Power Potential of All Lifts

Les Arcs installed sixty solar panels on the Aiguille Rouge cable car and Varet last season and the French resort is currently studying the photovoltaic potential of each and every lift, a resort spokesperson said.

Photovoltaic panels have also been integrated into the roof of the Bourg Saint Maurice aqua-leisure complex in the valley. They serve to heat the swimming pools and sometimes even produce more energy than is required. Similarly, LA PISCINE, the aqua-leisure centre in Arc 1800, has been equipped with a wood-fired generator.

The move is the latest in a long and still growing list of initiatives by the resort to reduce its climate impact and increase is sustainability. On the mountain this includes cutting power wastage at night, reducing chairlift speeds at quiet time resulting in another 20% energy saving and buying in 100% green energy to power the resort.

Les Arcs’ claims to have had an eco-conscience from the start back in the 1960s, and that their initial philosophy has been strengthened over the years by strong choices and major investments, including the integration of a funicular linking the valley and the resort and offering direct access by train from the main European capitals.

In 2014 the resort set up its Cap Energie project to reduce energy consumption in the region’s municipal buildings. So far the seven year project, due to be reviewed in 2021, has seen an estimated 350 tonnes of CO2 saved and as a nice side result seen the resort cut around 35% off its energy bills.

June 27th sees the ‘Stop Waste Tour’ roll into the resort – a day devoted to cleaning up the area with the aim of collecting and sorting waste. The day will also include an “Eco-village” with entertainment on the theme of sustainable development.

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