Zero-Emission Hydrogen-Powered Snow Groomer Launched

Italian-company Prinoth has released a snow grooming tractor powered by hydrogen, which it says has zero-CO2-emissions when in use.

The new Leitwolf h2Motion is set to debut on the slopes of Alta Badia in the Dolomiti Superski region when the resort hosts its annual World cup races on the Gran Risa race course on Sunday 20th and Monday 21st December.

The groomer is the latest development after the company launched its Husky eMotion all electric groomer, but has more power and can perform for longer on a tank of hydrogen, than the electric groomer can on a full charge.

The Husky eMotion, the lightest groomer in the world, can run at full power for up to three hours on a full charge, delivering 270 horsepower whereas the h2Motion can run at full power for up to four  hours and delivers just over twice the horse power of the electric machine at 544hp. That’s actually more powerful than the standard diesel model. It can also deliver a massive 2300Nm of torque.

“With the Leitwolf h2Motion, our Prinoth development teams have achieved the connection between zero-emission propulsion and undiminished power. With the new model, we meet all performance-related requirements and achieve the 100% elimination of fossil fuels,” says PRINOTH President Klaus Tonhäuser.

Rival company PistenBully, based in Germany, also believe the future in snow-grooming is with zero-emission vehicle. They launched the PistenBully 100 E in spring 2019 which provides an average driving time of 2.5 to 3 hours on a full charge, although that takes 6.5 hours to achieve.

Both companies are working on advances to create electric groomers that can work for longer and charge faster.

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