Solar Projects Help Vermont Ski Industry Hit by $100m Pandemic Losses

There were no COVID-19 outbreaks associated with Vermont ski resorts and no resorts closed because of the virus but the Vermont Ski Areas Association still reckons the states resorts lost an estimated $100 million this winter due to the pandemic resulting in fewer guests and higher operating costs.

However a renewable energy company, Green Lantern Solar, is saying against that loss it has helped a number of Vermont resorts, including Sugarbush, Mount Snow, Smuggler’s Notch and Pico to not only switch to green power but also cut costs.

The Vermont Ski Areas Association President Molly Mahar said although some areas saw more season pass sales, day ticket sales were down about 40%, lodging by 60% and food and drink sales by 70%, on average, in stats available so far to the end of February.

Green Lantern Solar has developed nearly 100 solar and solar+storage projects that annually produce approximately 75 Gigawatt-hours of renewable solar electricity and along with creating clean energy, and savings for customers, the company’s net metering schemes also generate lease payments for array hosts in more than 65 Vermont towns, resulting in increased tax revenue.

“Sugarbush Resort is very excited to continue to support development of renewable energy generation in Vermont,” said Kevin Babic, Sugarbush’s CFO, adding, “These Green Lantern projects helps us move our sustainability goals forward to continue greening up our operations.”

Green Lantern works with landowners to revitalize and re-develop low-value sites such as brownfields, landfills, quarries/pits/extraction sites and other “challenging real estate” to create more local solar arrayas. The company provides a full suite of services: development, financing, construction and operations, maintenance and asset management.

“Green Lantern takes pride in supporting the iconic Vermont ski industry and will continue to do so for decades to come through our solar arrays,” said Scott Buckley, Vice President of Finance for Green Lantern Solar.  

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