Ski Chalet Company Works Towards Plastic Free Menu

Holiday company Skiology which runs chalets in the French resorts of Morzine and Les Carroz has decided to ensure its menu is totally single-use ‘plastic free’ one day a week this coming season.

“We would rather do the whole week single-use plastic-free, which I am sure we will get to, however for the moment we are limited by suppliers and demand to one day,” said Skiology’s Product Director & Co-Owner Dominic Turner, who added, “I try not to enforce what I believe on Skiology guests as no one comes on holiday for that however I feel this is a real win-win, 1-night single-use plastic-free, no menu compromise.”

The company began by looking at all the ingredients in each dish and identifying which of these came in single-use plastic. There were limitations on what can be sourced in the ski season when searching for seasonal products and further limiting product available by going plastic-free means causes additional challenges.

However the fact that France is making plastic packaging on fruit and veg weighing less than 1.5kg  illegal from 1st January, 2022 helps there.

In France, currently, meat and cheese generally come in some form of plastic when brought from the supermarket. However, if you buy from the meat or cheese counter you can get your products in waxed paper. Or better still bring your own container.

For dried good such as nuts, seeds and pulses the supermarkets in France generally have their own ‘vrac’ sections. This is where you buy by weight without packaging. Think of a U.K pick and mix sweet shop where you can use their bags or bring your own. If they don’t have what you want specialists like La Vie Claire in Morzine or Gaia in Thonon has a wider selection.

Other initiatives include looking for products in glass rather than plastic packaging, storing in reusable containers rather than using cling film and cooking meals from raw ingredients rather than using processed pre-packaged meals.

“Shopping without buying non-recyclable packaging is something we can all do. Generally, all you need to do is bring your own container. It can even save you time, buying in bulk by weight rather than repeated trips to buy the same thing and sometimes can you save you money too,” Dom added, concluding,

“I think about these two quotes a lot, “if you are not part of the solution you are part of the problem” and “how can you be remembered in 200 years”, I certainly don’t want to be a part of the climate change problem or remembered by a still existing pile of plastic in 200 years.”

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