Sustainable Skiwear Rental Platform Launched

A sustainable skiwear retailer has launched an online, sustainable skiwear rental service in what it believes is a world first.

EcoSki Rental, described by the company as, “a contemporary, sustainable skiwear rental service” is the result of a collaboration between EcoSki and rentals business My Wardrobe HQ.

“For many of us, skiwear only comes out of our wardrobe once or twice a year. Quality, well-made kit comes with a price tag to match. As a result people are often driven towards the cheaper, poorer-quality alternatives. This is what I want to help change – making high-performance, better-quality (and often kinder) kit more accessible and affordable for all. I hope the EcoSki Rental service will make skiers feel like they are simply borrowing kit from a friend,” said EcoSki founder Rachael Westbrook.

EcoSki say that their new rental division offers, “…a practical, cost-effective, sustainable solution for skiers wanting high-quality kit without the high-end price tag.”

Winter portrait of a beautiful little boy and girl laughing and having a lot of fun in snow. It’s sunset on the top of the mountain.

Kit available to rent includes everything from jackets, pants, helmets and goggles to socks, baselayers, gloves, beanies and even avalanche equipment.

All are sourced from a variety of responsible clothing brands including Patagonia, Picture, Mammut, Yuki Threads, icebreaker, Ortovox, Amundsen, DinoSki, Molo and Protest. There will also be a premium rental range from EcoSki available on MY WARDROBE HQ’s own website.

“While EcoSki Rental is aimed largely at families and first-time skiers, there is a good selection of high-performance kit for seasoned pros, too — all available for rental periods of four, eight, 12 or 16 days,” a company statement explains, continuing,

“Each and every item is chosen for its high performance, durability and style, as well as its overall environmental and social footprint. Sustainability highlights of the rental kit include being free of PFCs, carbon neutral, Fair Wear certified, Bluesign approved, responsibly sourced, free of toxic dyes, bio-sourced or 100% recycled.”

After every rental, items will be cleaned and, if required, repaired and reproofed using environmentally friendly Nikwax products.

Before being dispatched to the next customer, the kit will be sterilised via an innovative, eco-friendly Ozone chamber so it arrives in pristine, mountain-ready condition.

Through the rental, repair and care service, EcoSki aims to keep all hard-wearing kit in circulation and on the slopes for longer. Nothing is sent to landfill — every item will be recycled when it reaches end-of-life stage, using EcoSki’s network for repurposing textiles.

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