Laax Issues Second Annual Last Day Pass

Swiss ski resort Laax, which is aiming to become carbon negative by 2025, has launching its second annual Last Day Pass.

The idea of this biodegradable, locally-produced wooden lift pass is that for every pass sold the resort will plant a tree, which it has calculated will slow the rate of melt of the centre’s Vorab glacier by 10 minutes.

So every six passes sold pushes the glacier’s last day back by an hour, or 144 passes a full day.

Last winter the resort sold 400 of these passes, planting 400 trees which they say will offset about 400 tonnes of C02 and push the glacier’s last day back by nearly three days. This year the target is a 25% increase in sales to 500, with 500 more trees planted and 500 tonnes of CO2 offset, adding nearly four days to the glacier’s life.

This initiative is part of the region’s commitment to The Greenstyle Foundation, a climate protection organisation dedicated to saving the glacier for future generations and to Laax becoming a self-sustaining alpine destination through economically viable initiatives.

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