Ski Manufacturer Unveils 100% Solar Powered Production Plant

Ski manufacturer Elan has unveiled a new production facility that is 100% solar powered at its base in Begunje, Slovenia about 30 minutes from the ski resort of Kranjska Gora and 10 minutes from Bled.

The move follows the company’s switch to sourcing 100% green energy earlier this year and means that it will also now self-produce 12% of that green energy via the new plant.

Describing the new factory as “a logical strategic step” the new plant in Elan’s Slovenian homeland has 2,500 solar panels on its roof, covering 5,000 m2, which will generate1,060 MWh of electricity annually.  That’s equivalent to the average needs of 160 households and a reduction in CO2  emissions of more than 498 tonnes.

“Independence from fossil fuels, along with the new solar plant, will provide a carbon sink as powerful as 15,000 trees on an annual basis,” a company statement said, adding, “In recent years, we have made a concerted effort to strengthen our dedication to “Handcrafted in the Slovenian Alps” by optimizing our sourcing to ensure that we receive about 99% of all raw materials from the European Union.”

The company has also worked to restore local forests, partially with the aim of providing a local source of wood that will be used for Elan skis by future generations.

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