Ski Stores Recommend More Recycling in 2023

Ski shops and manufacturers are recommending more skiers and boarders make a New Year resolution to recycle their old ski equipment.

A growing number of manufacturers have been working to put processes in place to make it possible to recycle items like skis and ski boots, often made up of a number of tightly bonded compounds, making traditional recycling difficult.

More and more shops are getting involved in this circular process.

“Wondering what to do with your old ski boots?  Rather than send them to landfill, take them into your local Ellis Brigham Mountain Sports shop and drop them into the recycling bin provided.  They will then go off to the Nordica/Tecnica project to be transformed into pellets which can be used in the manufacture of new ski boots or for aluminium or for stuffing material, amongst other things,” said a spokesperson for the chain, which has shops across the UK.

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